Sunday, May 2, 2010

Call Me Ziggy

It seems that there is a black cloud of doom floating above my head and following me every where I go. It started almost a month ago with the week from hell at work which was followed by the week where I got strep throat really bad followed by the week my shoulder got dislocated followed by a fender bender in the rain last night. I was hit from behind and all down my drivers side by a lady speeding and texting in the rain who most likely doesn't have insurance or has been in enough accidents this year she doesn't want to make a claim. So now I'm waiting for her to get back to me so she can pay for the repairs (some dents in the back and front and a new side view could have been a lot worse). No I didn't call the police right then, I myself was on the way to the pharmacy to pick up some medication as I was really ill. But I did file a police report this morning. My favorite part is how when I tell people about this the first words out of their mouth are not "Are you ok?" but "Well why the hell didn't you call the police?". Yea guys. I'm ok. I don't doubt that I won't end up paying for the repairs, nor do I doubt that I won't learn an important lesson. I just have this thing about giving people the benefit of the doubt and truly believing they will do the right thing.

So I know I have one avid reader, we will call you C. And I love you muchly for reading my randomness. Just for you I'm going to post some more of my photography!! So Enjoy!!

For C:

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  1. Oh, wow! Kat these photos are great! Thanks for this early-morning treat! Sorry to hear about the accident. Keep us posted about what happens. Hope your week is good. C